At the end of this year, I am reflecting life, just as you do.
How I have been as a human being, each single moment?
And how deeper have I embraced myself being in this body as a woman?

I feel fortunate being born in a woman, which contains amazing facets, capabilities and talents.
Without being rigidly identified as a woman, it is good to be aware of and exercise potentials and power which we women possess.

Feminine energy is powerful for the healing of the world and creating necessary changes in the planet.
…And I forget this conscious exercising of feminine power, every so often… by growing up being very gender neutral. It’s important to fully embrace what has been bestowed to us as a gift !!

I want to address what have been suppressed in women’s psyche through embodiment / dance.
Body carries social norms and collective pains, as much as it does individual memory and emotions.
Through body, lots of conditioning, stories, and suppression can be released, about being a woman and embracing feminine essence.

One body at a time, when we open up to make a shift within us through body, the world would also start changing. A revolution happens one body at a time…