January 13, 2018 (Sat) 2-5:15pm

Washington DC, USA

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What does it mean to blossom as an Woman, for you?

What holds you back from expressing your womanhoodin every aspect of your life?

Where can we go beyond “Female empowerment” and “Gender equality” movements?

This new-year dance and movement workshop is a special opportunity for professional women in DC to experience answers to such questions through dance and movements.

Women face various challenges in navigating through a society like one in DC.

Without proving to be as “good” as men, without becoming “gender-neutral”, or without “selling” our sexuality, it is possible we blossom into who we naturally are, as beautiful and unique flowers.

We can genuinely collaborate with the opposite gender, men.

In the current world where feminine and masculine are off-balance, awakening into our own womanhood are directly connected to the solution of many problems existing in the world.

Akiko Haruna is a conscious dance facilitator who is currently teaching in different parts of the world.

She is visiting DC and is holding this space for women-only.

We also have Mariko Fukumura, President of a consulting firm and a seasoned dancer as a special guest who will share her deep insights on womanhood which she had experienced in different cultural contexts.

The workshop explores your own womanhood through following exercises.

– Various improvised dance and movement practices in order to deepen varieties of your inner feminine essences and woman-ness, and release what holds us back. There will also be a practice to balance inner masculine essence.

– Talk about our biology to fully embrace our womanhood, as well as about our sexuality, and how to elegantly and gracefully ride waves of those aspects.

– Inner reflection, journaling, and sharing, on our past and present as an woman, and on where we are heading to.

Why dance and movements? Because they allow us to connect to body and hidden emotions, which are critical to excavating our womanhood. Because through dance and movements, we can set our busy mind aside. We especially explore free-form improvised dance with guidance, which create a space for one to freely and spontaneously express oneself.

The workshop is for you, if you:

– Are making an advancement in career and education, but are facing challenge around intimate relationships.

– Often feels being “neutral” or “masculine”, rather than “feminine”, especially in your workplace and also in your intimate relationship.

– Do not feel much connected to your intuition, sensuality, and to your body, in your daily life.

– Do not have much intimate feeling about your menstrual cycle.

– Feel some embarrassment, shame, or guilt in expressing your sexual side of self.

– Encounter competitions among women more than cooperation from them.

The workshop allows you to :

– Bring back/connect deeper with your womanhood and feminine nature to your everyday life
– Become affirmative to your menstrual cycle and knowledgeable about how to joyfully ride its hormonal and energetic waves.
– Find practical hints and tools to enhance creativity, productivity, fulfillment, and happiness in your everyday life as an woman
– See the issue of “gender” in different eyes, beyond “equality” with men.

No prior dance experience is required as it is free form dance.

Privacy and individual boundaries are honored.

! Join us and take a fresh start of your womanhood in the new year !