~ From ancient times, women has been rejuvenated and re-glowed themselves

by silently going deep in mystery of nature.

It’s time to revive women’s instinct and stretch comfort zones while being in wild externally,

so your activated inner wilderness navigates you more clearly in your path. ~ 

To the Caves – A Feminine way of Being in Wilderness

We connect to wild nature and nature spirit of Corfu, Greece, deeply. We paddle across a bay on kayaks to visit breathtakingly beautiful Sacred Feminine ocean caves, together.
We become water and sounds of the cave, and remember a Feminine Way of relating to nature, in praise of sea goddess and god.

The theme of the trip is “Retreating”.
– Paddle to a natural arch and cave
– Womb meditation and organic sounds in caves
– We may harvest natural salt at the arch
– If time allowed, the beautiful twin beaches Porto Timoni

Remembrance – The Feminine Way of Being in Wilderness

We gather in the sacred olive glove at dusk, to have a Feminine Way of relating to and utilising nature, in praise of pachamama of Greece.

We share:
– Indigenous hunters and gatherers’ way of being in nature.
– Songs, ancient storytelling, mini rituals, dance/movements to dive in nature.
– Due to the fire ban, we find another opportunity to do natural dye, craft or medicine making.

Harvest colors : A Feminine Way of Being in Wilderness

Harvesting colors into fabrics and fibres makes our bonding with nature so deep.
Surrounded by all vivid synthetic paints and dyes, let’s REMEMBER subtlety of gentle colors and their messages coming from nature.
Color is a manifestation of divinity in nature.
Receive the gift and wear their spirit through their colors. There are health benefits/medicinal properties in some natural dye, as well.

– connecting to plants
– make fire
– dye wool
-singing to plants, prayers